image shows Greenville NC heart doctor, Dr. Noel Peterson, cardiologist

Dr. Noel Peterson is a well-known and trusted cardiologist practicing in Greenville, NC and assisting patients from Eastern North Carolina communities including New Bern, Wilson, Tarboro, Washington, Farmville and Rocky Mount.

Dr. Peterson is now accepting new patients. In addition to her regular office hours, Dr. Peters offers evening hours by appointment only at her Greenville office. Call Eastern Cardiology at 252-757-3333 to request an appointment with Dr. Peterson.

image shows Dr. Noel Peterson giving a stress test to a heart patient in Greenville NC

Administering a stress test

You may be asking yourself any of these questions about your heart, and as an expert cardiologist, Dr. Peterson provides the answers and puts you back on the road to a healthy heart!

  • Are heart attacks genetic?
  • Are heart palpitations dangerous?
  • Are heart murmurs common?
  • Are heart flutters dangerous?
  • Are heart flutters normal?
  • Are heart attacks painful?
  • Are heart flutters serious?
  • Are heart palpitations painful?
  • Are heart attacks fatal?
  • Are heart aneurysms hereditary?
  • Are heart attacks common?
  • Are heart murmurs genetic?
  • Are heart valve problems hereditary?
  • Are heart rate monitors safe?
  • Are heart stents safe?

If you are unsure of what exactly is causing your chest pain or discomfort, Dr. Peterson can provide the diagnostics and treatment steps, along with lifestyle recommendations to keep you on the top of your game! As your cardiologist, Dr. Peterson will provide not only professional heart care, but a comfortable, friendly office and staff that performs your cardiac care testing, customer relations and payment assistance with as few hassles as possible.

Information about some of the cardiac care and heart health services provided by Dr. Peterson can be found on the pages listed below:

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Office information:

Eastern Cardiology

Park Place Professional Center

2090 W Arlington Blvd, Suite B

Greenville, NC 27834

Ph: 252-757-3333 / 252-758-3000

Dr. Peterson’s YouTube Channel

Signs and symptoms of a heart attack